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What does the South African Gold Mining Industry and the Kalahari Bushman have in common - They are both closely centered around the beginning of Savanna Tanks -- The Gold Industry, we were specially commission to find a corrosion free water storage solution, in 70’s and the Kalahari bush man because of the originally idea - The Kalahari Bushman stores his precious water resource in the world's best container - A ostrich egg -- This gave rise to Savanna GRP sectional water tanks - Perhaps the first GRP tank in the world - well before established standards .

Product Information .

With More than a 1000 + installations in Southern Africa -- We have had the pleasure of working on some of the most interesting projects in our region.

The advantages of GRP means we have been commissioned to make purpose built tanks/systems. Ie sand filters - sewage systems - Desal product tanks - Clarifers etc

Key Points          Benefits

Design                   BS EN 13280 (2001), BOBS 177, SISR , SABS

Modular                Unlimted configurations - Metric - Full Panel , Half Panel , quarter Panel

Corrosion Free     Zero - water to steel to air contact

Press Moulded     Automation - Consistance quality

Uv Shield               Mechanical and Chemical protection

Sealent                  Closed foam - Memory foam - spring back

Input Materials     BS,SABS spec QcP ISO paper trail

Bracing                  External and internal 

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