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Sectional Water tanks

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An idea is just that - A thought - A dream - A Start

Touching it - Feeling it and seeing it - Is what really counts

Is a foundation for what comes next

At Savanna tanks we turn development ideas into reality with our range of Galvanized Steel Tanks and Grp Sectional Tanks.

We are the true Water Solutions For Africa option.

Gs Savanna Tank
GRP Sectional Tank
Sectional Steel Tank
Tank Savanna GRP
Sectional Steel Wateranks
Galvanized Steel Tank
600 kl Sectional Round Tank
4.8 Meters High Circular Modular tan
Moz SABMiller Savanna
Gs Tank Gs Savanna
Grp Tank Savanna GS
500 kl - 25 meters stand 2500 kl X 2
Gs Savanna Tanks 1200kl
50 kl on 15 meter stand + 200 kl Grp
2 x 100 kl Grp Tanks Savanna Tanks
Ghanzi Grp 3 million litres GRP
SAB Miller GRP Savanna Tank
Pre-installed GS Savanna Tank
90 KL Grp Savanna Tank
2 KL Partition GRp Savanna Tank
1200 Kl Gs Savanna Tank on 25 m Stan
1300 Kl Gs Savanna Tank
160 kl GRP Savanna Tank
1000 Kl Gs Savanna Tank


 To the Kalahari Bushman water means life the ability to survive. A valuable commodity, it should be guarded, used sparingly and stored accordingly. Perhaps this precious commodity is symbolized in his method of storage.

 The ostrich egg ! perfect in shape strong, light and a clean container to store this valuable commodity.



 It's rare to be 'first' at a few things in life and business , lucky enoungh we have had the pleasure of that feeling a few times. Savanna Tanks is the first established GRP Sectional water tank manufacturer in Southern Africa/Southern Hemisphere , also the first to develop a range of half and quarter sections and also the first company to install the largest installations in Africa.

Savanna Tanks (Pty) LTD is a division of the Savanna Group of Companies, a Botswana born and based company.

  The company manufactures a diverse range of products that specifically focuses on the water and waste water markets. Recently the company developed a new range of steel sectional tanks to add to our product range.  The Galvanized Steel Sectional Water tank.

Savanna Tanks

 With major installations in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Gaborone, we are the premier GRP and GS Sectional Water Tank Manufacturer in the region. From Potable tanks to Sewage Tanks, From South Africa to across SADC. Galvanized Components with the highest Quality and GRP resins with added advantages of UV protection. We specialize in different sizes of Panel Tanks








Design Calculations

Engineered solutions

Professional Insurance Certificates

Foundation designs

Soil Sampling for Grp & Galvanized Steel Tanks 

From A to Z construction options

Quality Assured process in the manufacturing of Galvanized steel Tanks and Grp Sectional Tanks with international accepted specifications

GRP Modular Tanks Galvanized Modular Tanks

Round Panel Tanks, Sectional Water Tanks, Manufactured flexibility  ie

Sewage systems - Gas fused Circular Reservoirs

Repairs and Maintenance crews regionally on varying water storage systems - All types of Reservoirs especially Galvanized steel Tanks and Grp sectional tanks  

Branches in South Africa


Zimbabwe supporting both

Gs & Grp Sectional Water tanks


Head Office

56/57 Tlokweng , Gaborone

Tel:         +267 3928577

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Factory :

Plot 108 Taung  Industrial Rd

Taung Station, Ramotswa

Tel          +267 539 0613

South Africa

First Floor, 61 Katherine St, Dennehof, Sandton, 2196, South Africa.

Tel:+27 10 300 6056


1000 KL GS savanna Tank ground based


For both Gs and Grp Tanks