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GS Savanna Tanks -- Panel Selection

​Savanna Tanks introduced our Galvanized ranges of sectional tanks on the same foundation as our GRP range by focusing on our advantages and innovations, with the introduction of our fractional panels to allow greater flexibility for capacity achievement.

 We are receptive to the fact of prevailing market conditions and introduced both metric and imperial systems. Although, it’s clear that imperial system has a better surface area utilization rate, the metric system is stronger and more user friendly. It’s a known fact that the imperial system has a competitive advantage in terms of market dominates but we also looked to the future and introduced the metric system as a viable alternative. In essence we offer both system. 


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Savanna Imperial System
Savanna Metric system

GS Savanna Tanks - Foundation Requirements

GS Savanna Tank Foundations

It's important to note the following

Gs tanks are LOAD bearing structures and an engineer's input is always required to assess the ground conditions, the foundations and member sizes

Allowable deflections across spans and any direction including corresponding adjacent support supports is 1/500 of the span of unsupported and including the support sections to allow for the removal of High Points

GS Savanna Tanks - Foot Print Requirements 

Assess the available space

Determine your water storage requirements, factor in all dead spaces in your capacity calculations

Assess your allowable head room

Choose your configuration with the following consideration

                           Add + 1200 mm to Length and width

                           Add + 600 mm to Height (Please note side manholes can be custom fabricated)

                           Add + 500 mm to length and width to allow for labor / maintenance access


GS Foot Print Requirements
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