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You do'nt buy me flowers anymore - Water Tanks In Botswana, examples NSC 2.2 WuC Project / Kanye Project

You don't buy me flowers anymore !!! (When you buy the flowers constantly) I don't want these $&^*en flowers when am I getting my Merc SLK …….

One of the biggest conundrum in relationships - is finding the balance between the small things and the big ones.

In our game, I get -- Boss, you're the CEO, why don't you get a guy to do all your running around and going to all these sites !! Time to sit behind the desk….. 

Before you know it we get -- You never come to site ! &  We want you !! Not your Guy !!

With Savanna Tanks, you get an even keel balance. We take the rough with the smooth, with twinkle in our stakeholders eyes, we surprise our partners with visits to some of the most hardship sites. War zones in Tete Mozambique, Presidential Palaces in DRC, First Class manufacturing at Toyota City , Insaka Marine Park in Durban right down to a double storey in Partial Gaborone.

Tugging the line, from getting the order to seeing / sharing with your client and stakeholders is an entrance into the Die hard club of construction, and as time goes by the hall of fame.  

It all starts with going to the site !!!!!! Attending the site meetings !!!!!!

But besides the comradery of kindred spirits, and the amalgamation of common goals; sharing a beer and a flaming juicy piece of meat with your buddies, here are a couple of reasons to always go to the site; 

But …. Be warned , no-one likes the flyboys……especially at site (I’ll wait for Social Media comments, and judging by them , I'll do a little piece on the definition of a 'flyboy' at site)

Let me dive into the other good professional reasons for attending site meetings. 

Savanna Tanks & Site Meetings.

  • Enhanced Communication and Coordination

  • Consistent Updates: Regular site meetings provide a platform for Savanna Tanks to receive and share updates on project progress, ensuring that all parties are informed and aligned, it’s usually impactful if coming from the CEO.

  • Collaborative Environment: These meetings foster a collaborative environment where engineers, contractors, and clients can discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions together.

  • Early Problem Identification and Resolution

  • Proactive Issue Management: Attending site meetings allows Savanna Tanks to identify potential problems early, such as material shortages or construction errors, enabling prompt corrective action. Also to understand what could be priority or sectional handover opportunities.

  • Minimized Delays: By addressing issues quickly, the risk of project delays is significantly reduced, helping to keep the project on schedule.

  • Quality Assurance and Control

  • Continuous Monitoring: Regular presence at the site meetings ensures ongoing quality control, with Savanna Tanks representatives able to inspect work and materials firsthand. My article on common mistakes on foundations is a prime example of the benefits of catching problems early.

  • Adherence to Specifications: By participating in these meetings, Savanna Tanks can ensure that all work adheres to the agreed-upon specifications and standards.

  • Efficient Resource Management

  • Optimal Resource Allocation: Site meetings provide insights into current and future resource needs, allowing Savanna Tanks to allocate labor, materials, and equipment more efficiently. If the sites are huge like Cut 8 for Debswana, you get to learn who else is on site and what resources could be shared.

  • Cost Management: Regular updates help in tracking project expenditures and ensuring that the project stays within budget.

  • Enhanced Safety Measures

  • Regular Safety Audits: Participating in site meetings enables Savanna Tanks to conduct regular safety audits, identifying and mitigating against potential hazards.

  • Compliance with Safety Standards: These meetings ensure that all safety protocols are followed, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall site safety.

Stakeholder Engagement and Satisfaction

  • Client Interaction: Regular meetings facilitate direct interaction with clients, helping to build strong relationships and ensuring that their expectations are met.

  • Feedback Mechanism: These meetings provide an opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback, which is crucial for continuous improvement.

Legal and Contractual Benefits of Attending Monthly Site Meetings

Clear Documentation and Communication

  • Formal Records: Meeting minutes and reports serve as formal records of discussions and decisions, providing a clear and detailed account of project progress and issues.

  • Contract Compliance: Regular site meetings ensure that all activities are in line with contractual agreements, reducing the risk of disputes.

  • Effective Dispute Resolution

  • Early Detection of Disputes: By attending site meetings, Savanna Tanks can detect and address potential disputes early, preventing escalation.

  • Mediation and Negotiation: These meetings provide a platform for mediation and negotiation, facilitating amicable resolutions to conflicts.

  • Risk Management and Mitigation

  • Identification of Risks: Regular site visits help in identifying potential risks related to construction, safety, and environmental factors.

  • Implementation of Mitigation Strategies: By understanding these risks early, Savanna Tanks can implement effective mitigation strategies, reducing overall project risk.

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Adherence to Regulations: Regular site meetings ensure that all work complies with relevant local, state, and federal regulations.

  • Timely Permits and Approvals: These meetings help in tracking the progress of required permits and approvals, ensuring that the project remains compliant.

  • Performance Monitoring and Accountability

  • Monitoring Contractor Performance: Regular site visits allow Savanna Tanks to monitor the performance of contractors and subcontractors, ensuring they meet contractual obligations.

  • Accountability for Quality and Timeliness: Continuous oversight ensures that all parties are accountable for maintaining quality and adhering to project timelines.

  • Financial Oversight and Control

  • Verification of Milestones: Attending site meetings allows Savanna Tanks to verify the completion of project milestones, ensuring accurate and timely payments.

  • Budget Management: Regular updates on project expenditures help in maintaining budgetary control and preventing cost overruns.

Case Studies and Examples

  1. NSC 2.2 Contract No 1 - Election Fever 

  • Project Overview: Savanna Tanks is  involved in constructing several large water storage tanks for WuC Cluster Villages.

  • Practical Benefits: Regular site meetings ensured timely identification of issues related to material quality and construction techniques, enabling prompt corrective actions. This proactive approach kept the project on schedule and within budget. The ability to reach for Practical Completion by making a plan, understanding the real need to provide water to the villages as fast as possible. 

  • Legal Benefits: Detailed documentation from monthly meetings provided a clear record of compliance with industry standards and contractual obligations, minimizing the risk of disputes and legal liabilities.

  1. Mozambique Water Reticulation project

  • Project Overview: The project involved the construction of several storage tanks for government in various areas around Mozambique.

  • Practical Benefits: Site meetings facilitated continuous quality control and safety audits, ensuring that the tanks were built within spec. Constant coordination ensured that each site was done and dusted.

  • Legal Benefits: Regular site visits and thorough documentation helped in acquiring necessary permits and approvals, ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing legal risks.


Attending site meetings offers numerous practical and legal/contractual benefits for us at Savanna Tanks. From enhancing communication and collaboration to ensuring quality control and safety, these meetings play a critical role in the successful execution of tank manufacturing and contracting projects. It also helps to direct improvements in product offers, as such improving the overall product offering of our tanks. Legally, they provide clear documentation, effective dispute resolution, risk management, regulatory compliance, performance monitoring, and financial oversight, not to mention a large measure of trust.

By prioritizing attendance at these site meetings, Savanna Tanks can ensure the successful completion of projects, maintain high standards of quality and safety, and protect against legal and financial risks. This commitment to regular site meetings not only enhances the practical aspects of project management but also strengthens the company's reputation for reliability and excellence in the tank manufacturing and contracting industry.


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