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Seronga Package 2 -- Unik Construction

Hot on the heels of completing Seronga Package 1, which consisted of 1 x 500 kl on a 15m Gs Steel Tank, a 1000 kl GS ground Tank and 5 x 200kl on 15 meter GS Steel Tank,

We are back again.

Now we are doing Seronga Package 2. The team just landed, and has already started to prepare the first tank in Package 2. The crane is slightly behind and the team is spending the time to semi erect the tank for the quick lift system.

At the same time, completely unrelated a 2nd team is erecting a new 42kl Gs Tank for Unik Construction, 1500 kms away in Moshupa. Another contract from Unik Construction Pty Ltd , as well, hence two independent contracts at the same time.

This is the benefit Savanna Tanks brings to our total service involvement. We offer lifting , plumbing , civil and mechanical services at the same time.

At Savanna tanks we truly believe the customer is King and we bend for the impossible.

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