Another one -- By Savanna

Another completed project in Gabs newest CBD !!!! A total of 7 tanks , all installed and tested -- 3 Fire tanks - 4 domestic water (2/2 one set for Grey/BH water and another for potable water) The installation boasts Botswana's longest tank of 23 meters -- Savanna brings solutions & designs to tailor make solutions

Pipe Fittings / Less Stress / Local Stock Levels -- In Gabs

Another First for Botswana Let’s go full blast!!! Being in the water industry , we know full well of some of the critical problems in Botswana --Industry players have been dogged, long lead times, Galvanizing and lastly expensive pricing. Emergencies – Forget it !! Savanna Tanks has taken on the challenge to ….. Firstly, bring something new – Second hold stock – Fabricate at record speed -- What are we going to bring to the market? Flanges, Elbows, Tee’s, Reducers, Vortex inhibitors, -- and more .....

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