Fresh New Web Page for Savanna Tanks

Hi, It's been long over due -- So ... what's so great about a new web page ? -- Nothing --- Right ---- Yeah , you're right --- The Buck stops now -- We're going to break the norm. Breaking the Norm ?!! We are looking for engagement and an information platform -- Big Talk ? Well not really -- We're going to achieve this by the following 1 The first supplier to issue out techinical drawings for free -- we are opening our database for all engineers etc 2 Discuss problems and solutions -- Expose the tricks of the trade 3 Discussion related topic's to the industry So watch the space

SERONGA GS Tank Installation - Savanna Tanks

All Teams back to work Tomorrow - Back to Seronga , we have 6 tanks to install - We installed 4 of the stands last year in 3 weeks , thanks to the aid of our 60 Ton Crane Truck , Botswana's biggest and well within the region's biggest too. - We call it the Monster !!

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