Buy high-quality, affordable steel water storage tanks in Zimbabwe.

Savanna Tanks

Savanna Tanks Sectional Steel
Savanna Tanks Sectional Steel

Buying an affordable Savanna Steel water storage tank is one of the best ways to securing water safely in Zimbabwe.

SAVANNA TANKS has a tremendous amount of experience in Zimbabwe giving us the number position in delivering world class tank solutions to Africa and specific countries like, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Our tanks are designed to provide a tailor made solution, depending on your needs. We are the only Company in Africa offering the metric and imperial systems along with the fact we offer fractional panels -- ½ and ¼ panels

Be it a private home, business,Govt and an NGO you can benefit from saving water with africa’s best affordable solution. SAVANNA TANKS provide portable water tanks which are ideal for areas in Zimbabwe where water storage is a challenge.

SAVANNA TANKS are protected by warranty, giving consumers extra peace of mind about their capex.

We also do a complete engineering solution, in providing for drawings, that are signatured for your specific project.

Many African countries face water shortages.


In Zimbabwe, these tanks are keeping all aspects of community life online and functional, we are the lifeline for village development and protection. Access to water access to water can help themselves by having a water storage tank on hand.

Water Storage in Zambia 

Savanna Tanks are an affordable, as we manufacture in a Tax Free Environment away from Political Unrest and Labour Disputes as evident in Africa’s Largest Economy - South Africa.     

Savanna Tanks are warranty protected

Savanna Tanks are Certified by an ISO Body. 

Savanna Tanks is centrally located to sever the SADU region.

Savanna Tanks have systems benefits beyond our nearest competitor.

Savanna Tanks have over a 1000+ installations in Africa, in some of the regions most signature projects..

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